18 March, 2010

Adieu Amercia

Let the US-UK combine not fool the world by focusing our attention on how despotic the Saddam regime was. There are plenty of other despots in Afro-Arab lands, and indeed, in America's own backyards. Anyway, it is none of America's business to impose democracy on other sovereign people, much less to change indpendent regimes. Surely if America is bombarded, half as ruthlessly, twice as many Americans will rebel against Bush and expose his scandals.

America disputed UN Inspector's verdict that Iraq didn't have any weapons of mass destruction. It invaded Iraq "to remove its WMDs". Even after destroying Iraq, and killing thousands of its innocent citizens the combine found none of these dreaded weapons. Bush and Blair should, therefore, be tried for genocide and hanged. Sadly this is a far cry in a world where might is still right.

In a profound sense the fall of Iraq is the failure of human conscience. As the world helplessly witnesses gory injustice passing for mercy, history of the powerful will portray the aggressor as messiahs. Bush has won; America has failed.

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