19 March, 2010

Might is Still the Right

14 days after the US led coalition forces launched a supposedly 48-hour conquest march, nobody is sure what the outcome in military terms will be. Yet in a profound sense the result is out, the coalition has lost and the Iraqis have won.

More people on this planet today hold the Americans guilty than they do the Iraqi regime. More Americans disapprove of their own government's action than do Iraqis of theirs. Worldwide there is greater anger against Bush than against Saddam. In victory America will emerge the loser: it has lost the moral grounds decisively.

As the George-Tony tribe pursues its completely unjust aggression the world is bracing for its dangerous consequences. This aggression will almost certainly aggravate global terrorism against the west. According to the moderate Hosni Mubarak, a hundred Osamas will be born. Sadly, the Islamic world will rally against the Christian West, and, by implication, against all that is modern, liberal and scientific.

The Americans failed to unearth any WMDs. Now the CIA may well plant some near Baghdad to legitimize its case. But if, indeed, the Iraqis do have these weapons, they eminently deserve to do so. Haven't they shown exemplary restraint in the face of naked aggression? A very responsible conduct by any standards. The sub-consciously racist American denies the brownies deadly weapons even as he can use his nukes, biological weaponry, cluster bombs with impunity against the weak.

Who is the US trying to free, from whom? The world was told that popular uprising will throw Saddam out. Not one of Iraq's embassy staff, not one army division, nor one civilian town rebelled against the regime. Even the recipients of humanitarian aid at Basra and Ummal Qasar are resentful of the foreigners.

It is apparent now that America wanted to remove an irritant from its hegemonic designs on Arab lands, perhaps to usurp the oil reserves. This champion of democracy hobnobs with amirs and kings but is at loggerheads with the few that rose from the masses: Gaddafi, Arafat, Saddam and even Mahathir. Liberty, equality, fraternity could not have led to Operation Freedom.

Notice their nauseating arrogance: they label their naked, selfish aggression "liberation"; threaten neighbouring Syria for helping Iraq with night vision glasses; cajole Turkey not to send its troops in northern Iraq.. as if Iraq were some renegade US province. Or has the US already usurped the role of global dictator?

If so, we have a dangerous ruler whose precision missiles meant for Baghdad land in Turkey, whose soldiers despite being armed to the teeth must resort to aerial bombing, who are ruthless enough to shoot women and children dead inside their car for not stopping at illegal check post. Whose friendly fires really kill friends in dozens.

While America can arrogantly defy the UN Security Council and world opinion, kill innocent Iraqi civilians in their homes, cars and roads Iraq is given lessons in war etiquette invoking Geneva Convention. Not for Uncle Sam the rule of law, the canons of justice and fair play.

Sadly most of these champions of freedom and civil liberty find nothing wrong with their soldiers blowing up Iraqi television, telephone exchange, water supplies and food processing factories? By remaining silent at this terrorism aren't ordinary Americans legitimizing Osama-bin-Laden and Daud Ibrahim?

Will not ordinary Americans rebel against their Government if their skies were to rain cluster bombs for weeks amidst acute food and water shortage? Can they forget their fright and panic that followed WTC blast?

In 14 days America has lost much of the goodwill it generated in a century through developmental aid, best of our science and technology, some of our finest concepts and institutions. Bush instead presides over a terrorist state playing the dirtiest of tricks. In its fall US has done all: spreading falsehood, inciting rebellion against a sovereign government, provoking sectarian violence between Shias and Sunnis and promoting global hatred. Where his ancestors united, he polarized and divided. Where they promoted science and spirit of human grandeur he revives religion in its goriest form.

American obsession with him converted a distanced leader into a global Muslim hero. Never since Jamal Abdul Nasser did the Arabs rally behind an individual as they do behind Saddam.

Nobody has a right to kill an Iraqi, civilian or soldier, for obeying his government. Will the Americans obey Saudi soldiers in US? Do they admire their traitors and army deserters? Were not those that opposed the infamous Vietnam War made to pay a huge political price for years?

Britain once ruled America. Under Blair the British are being used as cannon fodder, doing the dirty job for the Americans. Colonial slavery in reverse, shall we say?

As I grieve for the brutalized Iraqi children, women and men I shudder to picture the macabre processions of death and destruction that will almost certainly flow from the womb of this aggression. It is better to stop this terrorism today. How do we do that? By defying American government, boycotting its products and services globally. Indeed, going by Bush logic, if you don't approve of American action, it would be perfectly legitimate to hurt American interests the way you like.

However, let there be no campaign against Christianity. Indeed, the most vociferous opposition to war has emerged from Christendom. Nor should it be directed against ordinary Americans. They are already suffering their President. But opposing this Anglo-American aggression is the duty of every conscientious person. Unless we think it is okay for our Head of State to be appointed by a Western coterie.

To maintain that since the war is on anyway, let it conclude is to present the other cheek, to strengthen the oppressor. We will be responsible for another Iraqi child killed tomorrow.

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