23 March, 2010

Nai Subh - Muslim Productivity

In the previous two parts of this series - meant to invite introspection - the author traced the state of Muslims on various parameters suggesting that Muslims are less productive than fellow humans.

In this last part of the fact sheet he examines Muslim contribution - or the lack of it - in various fields. While the author claims no scholarship he has taken pains to present a truthful picture culled from reliable data. Far from inviting a hair-splitting analysis, this is meant only to make a larger point.

The author maintains that the corrective course he is apt to suggest in forthcoming issues will make sense only if the diagnosis is correct and comprehensive, which in turn needs factual reporting. This series is largely based on the author's Urdu audio presentation KHITAB available from MG.

After a closed door public speech where I presented a reality-check an innocent Muslim gentleman whispered into my ears this worry: what if Hindutva brigade heard me and misused this info! Ignorance coupled with innocence! Alas,he did not know that all except Muslims - specially the Hindutva brigade and Jews - already know this and much more.
Continuing with this self-introspection let us assess Muslim contribution in vital fields: Nobel Prizes, GDP, discoveries and inventions in recent centuries, sports etc.

Will you guess how many Noble Prize winners did the Muslim population, conservatively estimated at 1.4 billion - or every fifth human - produce in a century? A hundred? One in ten thousand? One per lakh? Sorry, with just SEVEN Nobel laureates Muslims account for one Laureate per twenty crore people! They are: Najib Mahfooz [Literature], Anwar El-Sadat, Yasser Arafat, Shirin Ebadi, Mohamed ElBaradei [Peace], Ahmed Zewail, [Chemistry] and Abdus Salam [Physics]. Of these Salam - an Ahmadiya - was declared non-Muslim, Mahfooz was stabbed by a fellow Muslim for supporting peace with Israel and Shirin Ebadi lives in exile. Baradei, Zewail and Salam learned, worked and achieved fame in US or Europe.
Contrast this with the Jews [population=14 Million or 0.2% of the world, 1% of Muslims]: 169 Noble prizes, or one per 71,000 Jews. Beaten, pro-rata, by 2,800 times, Muslims need nearly 20,000 Laureates to match the Jews ratio. In fields of knowledge, i.e. excluding Peace Prizes, this ratio shocks further: 6,000 times. And why not? The first Jew [Adolph Von Baeyer] won a Nobel in 1905 while the first Muslim [Anwar Sadat] in 1978. No Muslim has won a Nobel in Economics or Medicine. One wonders if that explains why we are both poor and sick?

In contrast, and regardless of Nobel prizes, Jewish contribution spans virtually every field of human activity from literature, physics, chemistry, medicine, politics, economics and media to sports and films. Whether we like or not, some who shaped our times are Jews: Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Paul Samuelson, Milton Friedman, Jonas Salk, Henry Kissinger, Alan Greenspan, Benjamin Disraeli, Michael Howard, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Paul Newman. Jews partially or wholly control CNN, ABC News, Washington Post, Time, The Washington Post and The New York Times. No wonder they command enormous influence in British and American administrations, World Bank and the UN.

How are the Muslim economies faring? The GDP [PPP or Purchasing Power Parity] Per Capita Per Hour, is taken as a fair measure of a country's productivity, neutralizing inter-currency imbalances. Here are the global toppers: Norway [Rank=1, GDP=40], France [3, 38], America [4, 35], Britain [12, 29], and Europe's "sick man", Italy [13, 28]. The Muslim toppers include Turkey [Rank=35, GDP=12], Malaysia [42, 9], Pakistan [49, 5], Bangladesh [50, 1]. May it be said that a Norwegian is 40 times as productive as a Bangladeshi?

The aggregate Arab GDP barely equals that of a single European nation and about 1/6th of that of America. The aggregate exports of US are ten times that of the rich Saudi Arabia, a hundred times that of Pakistan or 700 times that of Sudan. In weapons purchases, however, of the top 15 buyers, six are OIC states [S. Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Pak, Kuwait] but none of the 15 largest weapons sellers is a Muslim state.

On consumption front it will suffice to mention that an American consumes twice as much electricity as a Saudi, 20 times as a Pakistani, 60 times that of a Sudanese. America spends over 5% of its huge GDP on education as against less than 3% by Pakistan, and half a percent by Sudan. Over 800 million people in OIC countries are illiterate. Globally just about three lakh Muslims qualify as "Scientist" - or one scientist per 5,000 Muslims, as against one for 380 Americans or 550 Japanese.
Here are some entities that profoundly empower human life: Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, BBC, CNN, The Times, Natural History, National Geographic, Discovery, Encyclopedia Britannica and Encarta, the Reader's Digest, Disneyland and Hollywood. Ask who lays down global standards in manufacturing, electronics, medicine, publishing, sports and games? Muslim contribution in these areas is insignificant. None of the world's top five universities, banks, factories, libraries, colleges, laboratories, observatories or printing presses is in any Muslim country. World class stadiums and sportspersons from the Muslim world can be counted on finger tips. So what are we giving to our world?

Back home let's survey our own towns and districts and prepare a list of the best schools, hospitals, colleges and hostels, indicating their promoters. Barring some south Indian cities, Muslim promoted institutions do not figure in the top five. Name your city's top five Doctors, Lawyers, CAs, Architects.. whom you would hire if you had the money. Compare this against our population share. Except in a dozen districts, Indian Muslims cannot feel proud of this analysis.

Consider how many banks have we set up, TV channels and national newspapers launched or universities set up? Why couldn't we? Jains, Christians and Parsis have made significant achievements in this field. Similarly Jews command significant control of American media and economy. Amongst the big Indian banks only two are run by Muslims, viz, the DCB and the BMC. Both are promoted by minorities within the Muslims, viz, Khojas and the Bohras.

Can we honestly escape the conclusion that we are far less productive for the fellow humans than our share - and our potential? We shall next analyze the causes that brought us into this mess.

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