02 April, 2010

Moderate Muslims - WE THE PEOPLE

I watched with deep interest “We The People” last week in which you told that several Muslim terrorists do it for monetary gains and not out of religious fanaticism. I think you are not wrong. Equally, there are many who go, blow themselves up, for a place in their perceived paradise. How else do you explain the 9/11 flyers?

As someone who is striving to promote communal amity – sacrificing much else – I admire your stance. Not a movie buff myself, I still gather that you and Shah Rukh are significantly contributing to this cause. Please accept team SPRAT’s warm compliments.

The sad truth remains, though, that for all its openness our society still does not permit all the truths to be told. Diplomacy and tact still reign supreme over truth and honesty. Satyameva Jayate constantly makes room for “Compromises for Success”.

Mine would be one of the thousands of vocal moderate voices. I, and SPRAT, would be better off with added support from people like you and Shah Rukh. Presented with this is my AUDIO presentation, KHITAB, doing some plain talking to Muslims for introspection, in chaste Urdu. My English book, NAI SUBH – with a foreword by Lord Bhiku Parekh – is to be published soon. Both these are also hosted at www.sprat.in.

May I also seek the favor of passing the extra set to your friend, Shah Rukh? Rizwan Khan needs to know he has good company!

You gentlemen at the Bollywood are doing nothing less than social service when you make purposeful films. In that sense I regard you a social activist, too. Welcome to the fraternity!

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