12 September, 2011

Gulbarg Soceity Massacre, Gujarat Carnage, Supreme Court Indifference



“Let the lower judiciary monitor the case. We will not monitor it any more”, says Supreme Court in the Gulbarg Society massacre case. Interpretation: let injustice prevail, let the innocents perish. Modi looked the other way when massacre was happening. We will look the other way while justice is trampled in Gujarat.

We will not monitor the massacre case, maintains the Supreme Court, widely regarded as the last resort by the hapless victims of the Gujarat carnage. Yes, Your Lordships, you are too busy monitoring pollution, mining, corruption.. to care for state sponsored genocide.

“No evidence could be found against Modi”. Well, then prosecute him also for erasing all evidence.

“God is great”, tweets Narendra Modi, apparently relieved by the refusal of the Supreme Court to monitor the Gulban massacre any longer. ‘Your existence and growth raise serious doubts’, the skeptic would say.

The Gujarat province, the Indian state, the judiciary, the police and the bureaucracy.. all failed the victims of the Gujarat carnage. The only saving grace were the humane sections of Hindu society and a section of the media. But for them, the aggrieved would be fully justified in resorting to the jungle justice, aka terrorism.

If justice – both, visible and effective – is not delivered to the victims of Gujarat’s carnage, by February 2012 when injustice will have prevailed for a full decade, and if militant Muslims indulge in misdirected retaliation, they may appear vindicated. Sadly, the innocents will pay for the sins of the criminals - as always happens in such situations. If you are innocent, beware, you have stakes. Arise and intervene. Neutrality is complicity in such a case.

Since no sane person doubts that a 1000-to-2000 innocent people were killed and hundreds of thousands maimed, looted and uprooted in Gujarat carnage, SOMEBODY has to be held responsible and made to pay. Now, Modi happened to be the CEO then. If he was not the murderer / architect of the mass murder himself as some NGOs hold, and if he was not the facilitator as cops like Sanjiv Bhatt and Tehelka expose of Modi-henchmen prove, at least he certainly failed in governance as the CEO and is guilty of blatant partisanship, as held by SIT. Now, does such a person deserve to occupy such a high public office, another day? His is at best a case of a master suspect evading direct, cognizable evidence.

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