21 November, 2011

A Murderous Regime

Ishrat Jehan, Pranesh Pillai, Amjad Ali Rana and Zeeshan Johar were murdered by Gujarat police in cold blood first, and then brought to an Ahmedabad highway for a fake encounter on 15th June 2004, labeling them as terrorists plotting to kill CM Modi. On the Big Fight on NDTV that week when I tried to argue why this was clearly a fake encounter, Arun Jaitley accused me of acting as the over-ground for the under-ground!

This finding has been submitted today by the High Court appointed Special Investigation Team comprising R R Verma, Satish Verma, and Mohan Jha. The chief murder accused, DIG police Vanzara, now behind the bar, built his career by orchestrating many such fake encounters, killing numerous innocents, just to please his political bosses.

Ever since Vanzara was arrested, thanks to another DIG, Rajnish Rai, all such encounters suddenly came to a halt.

Do Modi admirers need more evidence that his is a lawless and blood-thirsty regime? Shame on those Muslims that are lending their beards and skull-caps to felicitate this bad politician at his fake sadbhavna fasts.

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