17 November, 2011

The Grand Hidden Design

Sometimes it would appear that there is a tacit understanding between Anna campaign [the Team or some individuals in it, without the knowledge of the rest], Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi and the broader spectrum of Hindutva forces.

It sometimes appears as if the political right at some point sensed that the UPA was doing reasonably well enough – what with its RTE, MNREGA, RTI et al - and that the BJP was unlikely to be able to return to power on its own. It was then felt that some veiled anti-UPA stir be produced to dilute the goodwill the Congress [specially the Sonia-Manmohan partnership and the youth power mobilized by Rahul] had generated. A pivotal role was to be played in this mega exercise by a section of media, led by TimesNow. The unfortunate CWG scandal and the DMK misdeeds came as handy weaponry and were exploited to the hilt. Knowingly or unknowingly the CAG played by. And the rest is the history.

Is any major corporate honcho – the obvious and ultimate beneficiaries – behind the bars, whether the Tatas, courtesy of Radia, or the Ambanis of Reliance Telecom? What happened to the investigations into the terrorist activities of the right, including Samjhauta Express, the missing RDX from the army, even the larger truths behind the unusual killing of Karkare, the increasing possibility of Modi being trapped into SC led investigations et al? Clearly some people were benefiting more than others from this shifting of the public attention. Who? We are now to learn that the SIT - despite such huge compelling evidence against Narednra Modi – is likely to ‘close’ investigations against him!

Ram Puniyani is right in saying that some political movements are disguised as social movements. Indeed, our own freedom struggle is replete with such smart – and at times very well deserved – moves. The emergence of Ganesh pooja as a major force in Western India, for instance, was a phenomenon of very recent times. In Islamic world many a religious moves had some clear political agenda, too.

I have no evidence for whatever I said in the first paragraph. Nor do I have the time to conduct research on this. It is a hunch. And some of my hunches have proved right in the past.

M Hasan Jowher
President, SPRAT

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