08 April, 2012


March 11 2012

On the resounding defeat of the Congress in UP, Punjab and Goa I was aghast, too. I had thought, ignorantly sitting in my little corner here in Gujarat, and going largely by the electronic media coverage, that the Congress was going to do much better.

Be that as it may, the sudden change in the content of national newspapers and electronic media left me wonder-struck. With the exit-polls in hand, they suddenly changed colours, with Rahul and even their darling Priyanka, becoming fall-guys, what with their perceived 'arrogance' and all.

Suddenly we are now told numerous stories of how rusty, industrious and down-to-earth Akhilesh Yadav has been, right from his school days. How SP labouriously re-built their cadres, and of how SAD indeed delivered development in Punjab.

I personally think that the election genuinely reflects the mood of the people and a ground reality I was unaware of. Kudos to SP in UP.

But I should have thought the media with their ground feel, extensive contacts, outreach and research, should have known better. And if they got it all wrong, too, should'nt they humbly admit their mistake, as well? But quite like the rest of us, they are hypocrites and turn-coats. So who do we count upon for correct information and assessment? Alas, the fancied Fourth Pillar of the State falls, too.

By the way, once again comes the thundering, if painful, reminder: nothing succeeds like success.

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