08 April, 2012


March 18 2012

Many Pakistani artistes are giving up music under pressure of faith or fear of the mullahs. Famous singer Shiraz Uppal is the latest casualty.

Sufficient room exists in Islam to take a moderate view of life's pleasures so long as they are peaceful and promote fraternity. Music as the universal language of love easily passes this test .
Muslims that have produced great music only enhanced respect for Islam and Muslims and helped to promote peace and understanding. Have Bismillah Khan, Zakir Hussain, A R Rehman et al earned glory or discredit for Muslims and Islam?

At its worst times, Gujarat's annual SAPTAK music festival show-cased Muslim music stalwarts reminding the Hindutva brigade of the rich contribution the Muslim community had made.
If the TALIBAN have their way, our world will be left a drab, dead place, a mass graveyard for vultures to feed.

Muslims, please, do not let go of this rich heritage and do not fail to challenge the bigots. We have few community assets to boast of - and to enrich the world - as we already lag too far behind in medicine, science and technology, economics and media. Let us not cease to give to the world our share of this beautiful gift. If even this is gone our "balance of social trade" i.e. the quantum of give and take, will go further red, demeaning the community further. Arise and challenge the extremists.

Let's remember:
Yeh kaise wajibi hai ke na dain hum kuch, magar sab lain
Bhikari aur sakhi main farq hai bas lene dene ka!

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