08 April, 2012


March 8 2012

SPRAT urgently requires the following full and part time personnel:

1. PHP / SharePoint Point Programmers [2 yrs+ experienced graduates]
[Outsourcing may also be considered]
2. Hardware and Networking Engineers [1 yr+ experience in repair, maintenance]
3. Writers / Journalists / Sub-editors to produce e-Zines, print magazine, pamphlets,
brochures etc in English, Gujarati, Hindi or Urdu. [Outsourcing may be considered]
4. Taleem Facilitators [for basic Gujarati/Mathematics/English literacy across the slums
of Ahmedabad] . Field work. Outsourcing / contract may also be possible.
5. MUSKAAN PARK Manager to plan and organize cultural events, liaise with NGOs, etc
6. MARKETING staff to promote markets / to sell social service material such as books,
posters, CDs etc
7. Junior Staff such as Welders / Fabricators, Car Drivers, Officer Boys etc. at Juhapura
and Paldi

a. We need self-propelled, highly motivated, well-mannered young persons, specialized in their respective skills.
b. Generally bright, smart and well-read persons with excellent written English, Gujarati, Urdu or Hindi are also welcome, as special officers.
c. Compensation will compare with that of SMEs and great learning and growth are guaranteed

Excellent training opportunities exist in various fields for periods ranging from 45-90 days without stipend, and for 90-180 days with stipend.

Arrangement may be made for shared bachelor or cooperative accommodation.

Please contact
HR Coordinator
SPRAT [Society for Promoting Rationality],
SF-8, Rajanagar Complex, Narayan Nagar Road,
Between NID-Sankar Ashram, Paldi,
Ahmedabad 380 007 [Tel 079-26623655/66/77]

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