24 June, 2012


22 Apr 2012

In another of the serious post-Godhra carnages, the Gujarat High Court acquitted all the 12 remaining accused in five incidents involving the killing of 14 Muslims that were fleeing from mobs on 1st March 2002 in farms and fields of Ghodasar and its surrounding villages in Kheda district of Gujarat.

Earlier all the other 54 accused were acquitted by the lower court. Thus, now no one is held responsible for those 14 barbaric killings.

Contrast this with the other piece of news, appearing on the same page. A prisoner, Chetan Patel, was killed inside Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Jail in 2005 by a rival gang. Eleven people, including four jailers, received life imprisonment for this crime yesterday.

14 barbaric killings of completely innocent people and no one is punished. One prisoner killed in inter-gang rivalry and eleven are sentenced to life. Clearly the Gujarat establishment has been able to erase evidence of gruesome crimes committed during post Godhra rioting. It allowed the witnesses to come under pressure and retract.
First the genocide, then protracted tensions and legal hassles, and now the injustice!

Pray, someone ask Mr Modi if this is how he wished to promote Sadbhavna.

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