24 June, 2012


13 Apr 2012

The Americans are at it again. This time, and for the second time for him, they detained Shah Rukh Khan on an American airport, for two hours. No problem if they wanted to recheck. But two hours? Shah Rukh should be even on their safe list. If not, they are darned outdated.

They frisked our President, our Vice Consul, Cabinet Minister...Pray they don't invite Dr Manmohan Singh and frisk him!

Clearly they are too tardy with their procedure.

On a rather personal note: I had to decline their invite as an International Visitor due substantially to this paranoia with security. It gets humiliating after a point. Granted that post 9/11 they must take all precautions. But balance, Uncle Sam, balance is the key. You need to blend pragmatism with caution, courtesy with firmness, sensitivity with security.

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