24 June, 2012


21 Apr 2012

Ramdev is back in the news; announces joint agitations with Anna Hazare, against black money and corruption.

This man with dubious financials - and even more dubious merchandise generating those finances - offers a perfect example of what can go wrong in a quick-fix-salvation society.

Seeped in irrationality and eccentricities, led by pernicious ambition, surrounded by fixers and scamsters, Ramdev yet commands an enviable following - thanks to his gymnastics presented as Yoga.

Once, addressing little high school children, this man derided egg-eaters with this: "do you know what path the egg takes to arrive?". Wonder, if he forgot how he arrived.

That he can own an island near Switzerland and yet pass for a fakir, is proof we perfected hypocrisy as fine art.

Hopefully today he has rubbed Team Anna the wrong way enough to invite their boycott. Who else will save us from the antics of this pretentious ascetic?

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