24 June, 2012


9 May 2012

SIT exonerates Modi. Amicus Curiae Raju Ramachandran finds him guilty. And the Trial Court has now to take a view. If it feels, too, that there doesn't exist enough prosecutable evidence against the Chief Minister, Modi goes Scot free.

And that will be amongst the saddest days for Indian judiciary, indeed, for the Indian state. Why? Let us ask:

Isn't it true that:
* 57 kar sevaks were killed in Sabarmati train. The real criminals are still at large.
* Over 2,000 innocent Gujarati Muslims were butchered in their houses, work places, on the roads while performing perfectly normal everyday duties. Right?
* Dozens of fake encounters took place in Gujarat propping up Modi's sagging political stock using the bogey of the jihadi terror. Right?
* Half a dozen Gujarati police officers - all that once were very close to Modi - are behind the bars, and dozens more are on the way. Right?
* The state's Home Minister, Amit Shah - a close aide of Modi - has been externed out of Gujarat for his criminal culpabilities. Right?
* Every single former Chief Minister of Gujarat - both of the BJP and of the Congress - is against Modi. Right?
* No evidence has yet been produced showing active steps taken by the state's Chief Executive to preempt, prevent or curb rioting during the 2002 mayhem. Right?
* Plenty of evidence - disputed but not disowned - has been produced showing his outright culpability. Right?
* Nothing suggests that a devout cop like R B Sreekumar or an upright officer like Sanjiv Bhat are lying. Both bitterly accuse Modi of involvement. Right?

So, Modi IS and SHALL remain responsible, regardless of what verdict the courts, the electorate or the legislatures deliver.

In view of this, until Modi establishes beyond the specter of doubt that he is not guilty, he IS guilty.

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