24 June, 2012


26 May 2012

This Chief Minister

* is vengeful:
- widely suspected to have been behind the murder of Haren Pandya
- widely believed to have been behind the fictitious porno CD implicating his bete noire Sanjay Joshi
- refused to attend BJP national executive until Sanjay Joshi was removed

* feels jealous, insecure and is intolerant
- has sidetracked all tall leaders of even his party [Keshubhai Patel, Kashiram Rana
Suresh Mehta, Gordhan Zadaphia..]
- has telephones of even his cabinet colleagues, top cops and bureaucrats tapped
- refused the launch of Advani's new rath yatra from Gujarat

* is arrogant and egotist
- boycotted all communications with former guru Advani and Gadkari for over two months
- never apologized for failure to prevent the two massacres during 2002
- he violates all protocol and ridicules the nation's Prime Minister and castigates the 'Centre' as Saltanat, almost attracting the charge of sedition

* is a rank opportunist
- he used Advani to climb up the political ladder, and then threw him aside
- he forgot how he regarded and painted Muslims when it served him well to polarize bigoted Hindus, and reached out with 'sadbhavna' when it appeared beneficial to reinvent himself as the mass leader committed to the development of all

Here is a person, who so thoroughly lacks conscience, truthfulness, statesmanship, generosity, benevolence, forgiveness, sportsmanship, detachment, professionalism....

Should this chap become the Prime Minister of India, India shall certainly lose its sheen, diminish its demeanor, and may even head towards disintegration.

What is the mental condition of those that still choose to support him? They love him because they too hate Muslims secretly, deeply, within

A die-hard optimist, I somehow feel that this time around perhaps his victory margin will be somewhat less. This is factored not on account of any effort of the Congress opposition but due entirely to dissidence within the BJP. Patels are asserting, coastal tribals are restive, bureaucracy is hurt et al. Yes, on the other hand, a lot more "moderates" are now nakedly on his side.

So it is anybody's guess about his victory margin but few can doubt he will be the CM again. And perhaps a lot more. Let's debate ideas to stop his progress?"

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