12 April, 2012

Demystifying Gujarat–A Reply

A Reply to a Facebook Post against Author’s Video ibid Mayur Shah here is the summary of what you say:
a. Gujarat is developing faster. [Therefore genocide should be forgotten!]
b. India has bigger problems than Modi. [How can any 'problem' be bigger than merciless genocide?]
c. In the past also innocents were hurt. [So?]
d. Politicians try to divide and rule. [That is what Mr Modi did, Mr Mayur. Look how you and I are divided on such a simple truth that killing is unpardonably bad?]
e. People are tired of media. [You mean they are tired of hearing against Mr Modi, but are okay with the long-winded reports of Aarushi Murder, Jessica Lal case, Kasab, Afzal Guru etc? Even today media time given to each of these is, proportionately, higher.]
f. Forest fire is eventually good, for it will bear fruits. [Fire for whom? Fruits for whom?]
Mr Mayur, aren't you actually saying LET US FORGET THIS JUSTICE BUSINESS, and go ahead and rejoice the flyovers, the multiplexes, the river-banks.. etc?
Would anyone [out of courtesy I am not saying 'YOU'] have said this if his [your] sister were raped, brother killed, son butchered, mother disrobed, father slain and house burnt?
Put your hand to your heart and FACE THIS once: Aren't you effectively saying killing Muslims is no big deal? Muslims are THEY, not US?
I invite an honest introspection.

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