02 June, 2012



30 JUN 2012

As Egypt's first civilian President Mohamed Morsi's inauguration is celebrated, the world begins to watch this Muslim Brotherhood leader keenly. Egypt has been traditionally secular toward its minorities - specially the Coptic Christians - but never before in recent decades has it been ruled by religious leadership. Hence the added interest. Considerable power is still wielded by its military clique that is widely seen as secular and pro- West. Incidentally, Morsi himself holds an engineering doctorate from a US university.

Yesterday's alleged 'anti-nationals' and 'fanatics' are wielding power today. If they deliver fair and effective governance it will augur well for world peace and specially for the Middle East. This great and ancient land of the pyramids will heave a much deserved sigh of relief. And the Jasmine revolution would have succeeded. Or else Tahreer Square would once again begin to gather angry people.

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