24 June, 2012


6 May 2012

This is another of the many misconceptions Indian Hindus are sold. They are told Muslims of India do feel strongly for Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, other Islamic countries etc.

May be, a small – very very small - fraction does so. They clap for Pakistan cricket for reasons other than their sportsmanship. Honestly, as far as I am concerned, they belong there and better bid us good bye.

But not every Indian Muslim gives an iota to Pakistan. Yet they may have to do with Pakistan. Why? Because many of their relatives live there.

And Saudi Arabia? Well, the centre of Islamic pilgrimage, the Kaaba, is located in Mecca and the abode of Muslim love, Muhammad’s grave, is located in Madina. So when Muslims look towards Saudi Arabia fondly it is for these holy places, and not for the Saudi monarchs, nor for its people.

The Hindu citizens of largely Muslim Malaysia look towards Mathura, Varanasi and Kashi in India – trans-territorially – for the same reason. Ditto for Hindus of the Middle East, USA, UK…

Would it be fair of the Malaysians, Arabs, Americans, Britishers.. to accuse their Hindus of disloyalty to their nation?

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