24 June, 2012


6 May 2012

[A Rejoinder to a Facebook Comment]

Rafia Jawwad your writings symbolize complete ignorance of natural sciences, and of the laws of nature as enunciated by sciences. You contradict many well-known and widely established principles of everyday science. Even your life, consumption, even ambition is indirectly shaped by these laws, much as you may pretend otherwise.

Your views may represent one [controversial] point of view of Islam. For that matter, a majority of Muslims do not regard you - the Deendar Anjuman - as Muslim enough. I leave that quarrel to you two.

But as far as I am concerned I accept nothing that is not supported by logic, reason and science and which is not open to free, unfettered debate. And for the purpose of this debate I do not accept the religious quotes from one or two select scriptures. Therefore, there is no meeting point between us.

I request you, therefore, to engage here only if the source of your authority are science and reason, not religion. I shall not respond to your posts that are devoid of scientific argument.

As for the whole of India embracing Islam, I am happy to reiterate that that is never going to happen. Indeed, Pakistan ceasing to be a Muslim state is more likely, relatively, to happen. And as regards Muslims ruling India as of birth right, allow me to say that Muslims do not rule even in the Middle East. Only 7% Muslims are truly free globally while the rest survive in perpetual servility of despots, kings and dictators. So how can they 'rule' over India?

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