24 June, 2012


20 Apr 2012

There goes again. A three-year old baby girl was raped by monsters, killed and thrown to the sea near Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, yesterday. What bipedal animals could do this? If caught what should be the minimum punishment for them? What kind of society must it be that produces such delinquents, and allows them to thrive in its midst?

They sure had a mother, sharing similar bodycontours. They probably also had a sister who grew up much like this little baby. [And if they have daughters, pray run to rescue those hapless girls from their fathers.]

It makes me nervous to think that these men are travelling with me in buses and trains, working with me at offices, shopping with me at malls, and walking up the same pavements. I hate to have to breathe the same oxygen as they.

And how much more painful must this feel if I were a girl!

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