18 April, 2012


Yes, let's be generous and large-hearted; let's practice forget-and-forgive. Let us look ahead to tomorrow on a clean slate. Let us forgive AJMAL KASAB, AFZAL GURU, all the other Muslim suspects held for 26/11 and all the other terrorist acts. Let's forgive, too, all the NAXALS held in the various prisons across the country. Let's also forgive all those accused of communal violence held in every jail of India. Let's lift the ban from IM and SIMI.
And, then, let us also forgive Narendra Modi, Maya Kodnani, Babu Bajrangi, Vanzara, and also Col Shrikant Purohit, Swami Aseemanand and the other members of the terrorist outfil Abhinav Bharat or Ram Sena.
Let's make a fresh start. Of love, trust and friendship. So that we may all together focus Development, in a spirit of Sadbhavna.
But if you are unwilling to show the generosity discussed in Paragrpah One above, you should be either cruel, or communal, or stupid to expect me to show the generosity discussed in Paragraph Two.

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