24 June, 2012


29 May 2012

[A rejoinder to a Facebook Post]

Radioactive skeletons where found in the Indus valley of Mohenjo-Daro and Harapp...See More

I generally much admire Mr Xavier Dias's posts for their incisiveness and scholarship. I wish I could do so for this particular post, too.

Nearly every religion and every community [except perhaps those that are rapidly upwardly mobile] sings paeans to its past, glorifying it out of proportion. However, little of this stands scientific scrutiny.

Humans couldn't have dropped the bombs across a territory unless they knew flying. Fly they couldn't unless they mastered aerodynamics and invented material that could their being airborne.

There is little evidence to suggest that this was the case. No fossil records, no archaeological evidence suggests that our ancestors knew more than us and did better than us in general in terms of science and technology.

Yes, it is entirely plausible that some discoveries and some inventions may have lapsed into history unnoticed until we once again discovered them. This is specially so about consumption, properties of foods and plants and herbs. But in general technology did not exist to support that level of science.

Or at least I think so. I would, of course, love comments to the contrary with evidence

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