24 June, 2012


31 May 2012

This comes not only to enliven the debate but also because I have genuine inquiry.

If the adage "people get the government they deserve" merits our approval, then there must be causes - deeper than those stated here - for Muslim countries to remain repressive and backward IN THIS CENTURY.

Turkey, in fact, proves that unless the religious issues were taken head long [by Ataturk Mustafa Kamal Pasha] secularism and democracy would remain a far cry there, too.

Since the vast majority of Muslims globally want liberal democracies, we must ask WHY THEY DON'T HAVE them? Why are they like they are?

Allama Iqbal ridiculed adult-franchise one-person-one vote democracies thus: "jamhooriyat woh nazme hukoomat hai ke jisme / Logon ko gina jaata hai, tola nahin jaata" [Democracy is a form of governance in which people are counted, not weighed]

On the other hand “Democracy is like a raft, you never sink, but damn it, your feet are always in the water” [Fisher Ames 1787] virtually endorses Churchill almost suggesting that this is the 'least worst form of government'!

But this is the best WE HAVE GOT. Hence let us go, get it!

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