24 June, 2012


26 May 2012

The Ismaili community - also known as the Khoja community - presents a fascinating case. They are very well organized, networked and do usually better than the average Sunni Muslim. Azim Premji is not the only icon they can boast of. Metro Dawood, DCB Bank, AKRSP, Nasser Munjee, the international award for Islamic Architecture et al are no less popular.

They follow the France based His Highness [not holiness] the Aga Khan, popularly referred to as the Imam. He married a French actress, owns racing horses, promotes education and health in dozens of countries, supports global peace efforts.. all at once. His grandfather was perhaps the strongest supporter of Sir Syed in his Aligarh Movement.

Apparently, if they regard Mohammed as the Prophet, and Quran as the word of God, how is it that they find alibi for many deviations in Islamic practices including three prayers instead of five?

I seriously wish to be educated on this.

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