24 June, 2012


25 May 2012

Media that never tires of tutoring the politicians how to behave, how to do things, and how to run the state efficiently can often not get their own act right...

Yesterday's Times of India front page, coloured boxes, had this beauty:
Petrol prices up by 10%. So if your monthly petrol spending was Rs. 5,000/- it gets to Rs.6,000/-. Pray, someone correct me: 110% of 5,000 ought to be 5,500!

A day earlier most newspapers screamed REEBOK defrauded by Rs 8,700 crore by its top honchos who allegedly siphoned off its stocks. A day later they claim: "police confirms a typo - the actual figure was Rs 870 crore"

Couldn't you, learned Sirs, simply check out the gross sales of Reebok in India before headlining this 'typo'?


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