24 June, 2012


14 May 2012

[Rejoinder to a Pakistani Comment on Facebook]

Nobody has any business to force anyone else into converting to any religion. To profess a religion of one's choice is the innate and fundamental right of every human being universally. You are free not to like India, but you have every duty to protect every Rinkle Kumari from any forcible conversion. As long as your country ensures the safety of its minorities and protects their fundamental rights we send to you our goodwill.

It is very naive to tarnish all NGOs with the same brush. As for Indian NGOs, you seem to be outdated. They raise every conceivable issue of rights on earth. Not long ago one of our activists, Mr Prashant Bhushan, was roughed up in his office by a fanatic Hindu group for advocating the right of the Kashmiris for self determination. I, too, run a NGO and dare say we are cleaner than you think we are.

Friend, you take care of your minorities, and we in India will take care of ours. Isn't that a fair proposition? Gujarat has been the most notorious in the matter of treating its minorities. And yet there is not a single case of a Muslim forcibly converted to Hinduism here.

I was expecting a few Pakistani assurances. Instead what I see is accusations. Why not talk of Rinkle Kumari?

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