24 June, 2012


9 May 2012

I am a Muslim. I do not recognize Hindus as a part of my country. I do not consider them my equals. Indeed, I dislike their presence near me. And if they should dare buy a house in my neighbourhood I will resist it by all means.

Now replace 'Muslim' with 'Hindu', and vice versa, and you have the reality of Gujarat. In Bhavnagar BJP has tied up with VHP to resist Muslims acquiring houses in Hindu neighbourhood. The local Mayor, none else, has opted to picket the house of the Hindu gentleman who chose to sell his bungalow to a Muslim.

This is Sadbhavna Gujarat style. But, seriously, it enrages me no end.
It is so humiliating as to drain convictions of communal harmony and patriotism off one’s system. No wonder jihadi terrorist literature sells such things, and so many readily buy.

One would have thought that law enforcing agencies would recognize this, suo moto, a cognizable offence and book the guilty. Far from it. These are the local heroes in Gujarat: the land of hatred.

If this is ‘Development’ it has to be Modi-style

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