24 June, 2012


14 May 2012

Just watched a recording of the second episode dealing with sex abuse of children. Was I moved? I would be a stone if I wasn't. And to think that a grandpa abused his two-year old grand daughter proves we have in our midst morons, perverts, deviants.. in the shape of relatives. Hail dev-bhoomi, the land of saints!

Our dirtiest secrets are out in the open. Since we hypocritically suppress normal adult pleasures consistent with the design of nature, we fall prey to perversion and cruelties against the most vulnerable.

Allow me to guess: Aamir is going to revolutionize our television, if not films. Social purpose serials and cinema will arrive with popular acceptance and TRP. Cheap entertainers will feel ashamed to have wasted such a precious resource on nonsensical trivialities.

By the way, it is aptly said: 'work, so that the false critic is silenced'. Aamir you probably did.

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