24 June, 2012


8 May 2012

Just watched a recording of the first episode of this Kiran Rao-Aamir Khan presentation.

I avoid sharing personal feelings on this public platform. But for once I let myself go. I cried. Cried for the pains of all those baby girls and their mothers who underwent the torture of motherhood of baby girls. And secretly I saluted Aamir for introducing their pain and suffering.

And to all those mullahs who condemn films and film makers, en bloc, here is what my heart says: One Aamir has served humanity better than a hundred of you in your lifetime would. Even from a narrow, communal perspective, Aamir has enhanced the standing of the Muslim community with a single episode a hundred times more than you would in a hundred sermons.

Verily, Satya Meva Jayate!

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