24 June, 2012


14 May 2012

From the meticulous dissection of SIT Report Gujarat’s English dailies are making every day, it appears beyond doubt that its chairman, Mr Raghavan was compromised.

He has clearly twisted facts to suit his deduction that Mr Modi is not guilty. For this he goes great - and often ridiculous - lengths. He derides Sanjiv Bhatt as having personal axe to grind, but proves nothing against him. He ignores Sreekumar’s testimony lynching Mr Modi as not reliable, but relies upon its parts where it suits him. In 2012 he reinterprets facts in Mr Modi’s favour, which he had already interpreted against him in 2010.

Added to this are the embarrassing revelations that he enjoyed lavish holiday in UK at Gujarat government’s expense, and so on.

Pray, if even men of his standing can be influenced, where lies the hope?

Elsewhere it was revealed that the son of Mr Justice Nanvati – Chairman of Nanavati Commission probing Gujarat 2002 – has received over Rupees 4.5 million as fees to serve as additional public prosecutor.

The Nanavati Commission - probing Gujarat 2002 - in the mean while received yet another extension, [even without asking] till [well after the next elections in] December 2012. Its cost has already exceeded Rs. six crore of which the bulk went for the wage bill. So?

Is justice so ruthlessly being purchased and sold in this mercantile state?

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