24 June, 2012


8 May 2012

In a nutshell those that criticized Aamir for his Satya Meva Jayate episode highlighting the sordid issue of female foeticide, are saying:”OK, he did good, so what is the big deal? He is charging for this”.

I beg to differ. It WAS indeed A BIG DEAL to get the laughter, dance, and saas bhi kabhi bahu thi crowd to sit up, in their millions, and watch with bated breath as the sad sagaunfolded.

Citizens, listen: the man has effectively presented a serious problem that should shame us as a civilized people. Let’s talk about how we got there, who these killers are walking right amidst us, and how to salvage these hapless baby girls from their murderous, monstrous fathers, grannies, and, yes, doctor-butchers.

I am willing to forget Aamir, his acting, and the cinematography of the episode. But I just CANNOT ignore the story. His message has shaken me. If it didn’t you, sure you did not experience the reassuring love of a mother, the comforting love of a sister, the sensuous love of a wife and are sure incapable of experiencing the tender love of a daughter. Cure yourself.

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