24 June, 2012


13 Apr 2012

Repeating an old post dt: January 10, 2012

To all analysts it may now appear that Dr Rajesh Talwar found his 14-yr old daughter Aarushi with his domestic help Hemraj in a compromising position in the dead of one night. Overcome with uncontrollable rage he hit the two with his golf stick killing Hemraj instantly and grievously injuring Aarushi. Wife Napur joined the commotion. Since there was nothing to salvage they actually then slaughtered them, to hide this apparently unintended crime. Finally they together conducted a clean up operation.

Now, murder is unquestionably unpardonable, both at law and at ethics. But under the above circumstances how do you judge the reaction of Rajesh Talwar in so far as the first attack is concerned. [That it led to the other crimes is obvious.]

I present this case merely as a hypotheses [without concluding one way or the other] to elicit public opinion, and to provoke a debate on law and morality in real life. After all isn’t this how all laws come to be framed?

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