24 June, 2012


21 Apr 2012

The 33-year-old Norwegian right-wing extremist, Anders Behring Breivik - on trial for killing 77 compatriots last July - has been ranting against his country’s pluralistic order.

Claiming to be perfectly sane, he dares the judge to convict him for life, or acquit.

Also claiming to have studied for years the terror techniques of Al Qaeda, desensitizing meditation of Japan, and what not, he said he was fully prepared to do what he did, in perfect consciousness and to the plan.

Providing a common platform for collective hate against Muslims, Asians and Africans and demanding to purify his country, this racist zealot is surely making millions of friends – at least under the ground.

"When you see something so extreme, you could think that it is insanity, but you have to differentiate between political extremism and insanity in the clinical sense of the term," he said in cold blood. Pray, someone assure me, this man doesn't represent the hidden face of Europe.

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