29 July, 2012



29 JULY 2012

What is the point of Anna's [alright, Team Anna's] current agitation? The Parliament is not in session. The Congress cannot pass the Lokpal bill by itself. It has, anyway, taken the Bill through the Lok Sabha unto the Rajya Sabha. It was the pro-Anna BJP that stalled the bill there.
Anna, the crusader for transparency kept his team in the dark and secretly met a minister of the government [as per his admission on the oath of Gita] 'to discuss the Lokpal bill'. And he blames the government for 'betraying' him! He - and the Team - had steadfastly denied any tie-up with
Baba Ramdev. Look who is now virtually calling the shots. More of this will happen as the numbers dwindle.
They started with anti-corruption, then to Lokpal, then to SIT against 15 ministers and now to black money. What exactly is THEIR agenda?
The self-styled and woefully ignorant black money crusader Baba would have been behind the bars by now for his spurious drugs, ill-gotten money [and island!], forgery, deceit, blackmail et al by him or his allies, but for a timid government afraid of taking on the Hindutva.
Take a deep stare at the man, his ADC, his close allies, hear him and ponder his words objectively.. and ask 'do I get a comfortable feeling?' and 'would I honestly like to intimately befriend these men?'
What is not good for you, is no good for the nation.

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