17 June, 2012


17 June 2012
No, this is not referring to Syed Shahabuddin’s erstwhile magazine. Nor is this ultra-right Muslims’ wishful thinking that Indians would all embrace Islam one day. Nor is this an endorsement of the Hindu right wing’s fanciful accusation that Indian vote bank politics panders to Muslims alone.
This is merely an expression to suggest that the behaviour of most Indians is quite like that of the Muslim community. Let’s see why:
Muslims claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion, that the largest number of converts in Africa, Europe and America are entering the fold of Islam. They are eagerly waiting when Muslims will outnumber Christians as the largest religious grouping of the world.
Indians [and, yes, that does include Muslims, but here it refers to the national trait, not communal one] claim that India is the world’s largest democracy, that the largest non-American nationality represented in NASA, IBM, Intel, Microsoft et al is that of Indians. They claim that Indian influence is rising globally; that India is on the verge of conquering the world by sheer strength of numbers
Muslims find all latest advances in science as already prophesied in the Quran. From big bang to quantum particles they find all in that 1400+yr old scripture. That renaissance – and enlightenment – would not have been possible without Muslim contribution. All wisdom – at least spiritual – already rests with Muslims, and there is little to learn on this count from outside Islam.
Indians [and here I largely mean Hindus] claim that eons ago they knew how to fly planes, launch missiles, lift heavy weights, cross the seas, treat diseases. They believe that from cipher to steel, paper to tea India was the cradle of ancient technology and that the invaders stole it, that ayurveda is the mother of allopathy, and yoga possesses all secrets of physical and spiritual fitness.
Muslims feel that the West, the Christians and the Jews, the Hindus and the Buddhists resent Islam, there is a clash of civilizations, they wish to crush Islam and eliminate Muslims.. So they are living under all odds, all religions and communities arraigned against them
Indians feel that the colonialists, the imperialists and the giant economies are out to cut India to size, flood India with their MNCs, create unrest, disruption and disintegration of India by funding their NGOs and buying their politicians, from US and UK far away to China and Pakistan on the borders are all their enemies.. So that they have to always be vigilant and struggle against all odds
- If we are so good, why doesn’t the world value us? After all the world out there is selfish!
- If we had all that knowledge, wisdom and technology yesterday, where has it gone now? What has become of us today?
- Both Muslims, and India as a country, include most of the poor of the world in their folds, most of them suffer disease, malnutrition, corruption, crime, unfairness within, and both record a very poor human development index. Why?
- Why is it that our numbers are abandoning us and emigrating to ‘the enemy’ territory at great costs? Muslims are abandoning ‘Islamic countries’ [Darul Islam] for sinful lands [Darul Harb], as are Indians emigrating to them, too, for prosperity and pelf.
If Muslims are this wise, have such a great heritage, possess so much God-given wisdom.. why don’t they improve their lot dramatically - and become net givers to the world? If Indians are so capable of running foreign businesses and institutions why don’t they run their home industry and institutions better?
Isn’t it more honest to accept that we are lacking in many respects and that is why some of us move out to greener pastures? While we did give many things to give the world – and gave are giving it even now – the picture we paint is more fanciful than realistic.
Doesn't read pleasant? Not in good taste? But truly I did not write this one to please, but to invite an honest introspection.
Please join the debate and throw in your ideas on how to emerge out of this morass?

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