23 August, 2012



23 AUG 2012
For the third day today BJP held the Parliament to ransom demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister on the so-called Coalgate issue. It did not allow any business to be transacted, though momentous draft bills are pending legislative approval.

Major newspapers have editorially questioned the CAG's assessment and computation. The Indian Express - no friend of the Congress - has in fact questioned its very basis. Others have dismissed the allegation of corruption outright even while wishing the PMO had checked in earlier.

BJP is not fooling anybody but itself if it believes that the Congress will oblige it with the PM's resignation on this count. And if it is not, what is the point of stalling a debate? Why not, instead, present all available evidence and let the people of India decide whether the PM should go? I am sure the dictators all over the world must be laughing at this sham democracy.

Friends in the field tell me that this is the BJP's quid pro quo for Sonia's aggressive defense against Advani's accusation of the UPA being illegitimate, some time ago, compelling him to withdraw his remark.

The Bhrashtachar Jayate Party has no locus standi to question corruption when it is seeped into it itself. The reigns of the Karnataka government are in totally corrupt hands. Both the alleged major Congress scams [2G, Coalgate] also bear strong ties to important BJP leaders: Pramod Mahajan for 2G, Vijayaraje Scindia for Coalgate.. The famous Reddy Brothers personify corruption down south. Here in Gujarat none other than three former Chief Minsters of BJP themselves accuse Narendra Modi of corrupt practices of a unique type.

Yet, the party can raise the issue in a democratic manner, with due decorum. But, alas, BJP and decorum!

In an abstract query I ask, isn't there anything that we Indians can do to hooligans that hold up civil debates?

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