23 August, 2012



23 AUG 2012

This report presents significant findings about Muslim beliefs, attitudes and practices world-wide after a painstaking and apparently scientifically conducted study.

The ones I deduced are:


a. People of South Eastern Europe [and Turkey] feel far less religious than elsewhere. This also reflects from the times they pray, observe fast, entertain sectarian and prosufi thoughts


b. In general, the poorer the nations, the stronger the belief and vice versa [barring South Eastern Europe which believes less and South East Asia – Malaysia, Indonesia – that believes more]


c. Not more than 15% of the believing Muslims, even in South Eastern Europe, discount God’s unity or Muhammed’s prophet-hood. In other words at least 85% hold these to be non-negotiable.


d. Surprisingly the liberal Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq and Palestinian Territories are far less religious than their neighbourhoods, specially Central Africa and East Asia. They also allow multiple interpretations of Islam more easily.


e. The young believe far less than the elderly in general. But in Lebanon, PLO, Tuisia there is the widest age disparity between the young and the old with regard to religiosity.


f. Around half the Iraqis, Palestinians, and Moroccans do not regard the Shiites as Muslims


g. Although most of Africans are devout believers 25%- 35% in DR Congo, Uganda, Chad, Kenya.. do not regard Quran as God’s word.


h. An overwhelming majority of Muslims – particularly in South Asia, Middle East, North Africa – believes Angels exist. This population also – understandably – accepts Fate.


i. Around 30% South Eastern European Muslims do not believe in Angels or Fate and 30%-50% do not regard Islam as very important to their existence. They are also less personally engaged but may observe some rituals.


j. Surprisingly more people observe fast, than offer regular prayers.


k. Around half of Central Asians do not fast. I recommend this report to everyone desirous of studying the evolving Muslim perceptions and practices.

Courtesy: http://www.pewforum.org/Muslim/the-worldsmuslims- unity-and-diversity-executive-summary.aspx

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