15 September, 2012


Here’s how.

- Wasn’t Lalu Prasad Yadav duly elected when those like you ridiculed him nationally? In fact he commanded greater sway over the Assembly than your idol did at his time. His alleged fodder scam appears a tiny fraction before the mega scams the former BJP leaders are now accusing Modi of.

- Wasn’t Indira Gandhi duly elected when she imposed the emergency and you criticized her for this ‘draconian’ decision of a duly, democratically elected PM?

- Wasn’t Sonia Gandhi duly elected to lead the Congress Party when you criticized her and protested the possibility of her leading the government, as the foreigner, as the "Italy Ki Beti'? Remember she won not only in the UP, nourished by her family, but also from Karnataka defeating your own Sushma Swaraj [who failed to shave off her head, despite the challenge]. Sonia showered scorn on her critics by surrendering the prime ministership of India despite party pressure. Contrast this gesture with Modi’s naked ambitions for that very post.

A wrong is a wrong. A wrong by a constitutional functionary is a greater wrong, indeed. Manusmriti warrants greater punishment for the same crime committed by the higher placed person. Doesn’t it?

So, Modi should first be prosecuted, removed from office [since he doesn’t resign and submit himself for trial voluntarily], arraigned before the court of law, examined and cross-examined on oath, and until acquitted by a competent court finding him innocent, he should be treated an accused [I clarify, not a ‘convict’], shouldn’t he?


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