16 September, 2012

Innocence of Muslims

What the Muslim believers call blasphemous, this is also a cheap, vulgar and historically inaccurate film.

Even from a purely cinematic point of view it is distasteful and pathetic.
From the point of view of a social commentary, the film’s objective is purely destructive. It offers no constructive message, no hope, no mission; it merely serves to promote further hate. And it clearly has succeeded in this.

So, if some people still extoll it they clearly suffer from an incurable hatred for Muslims / Islam.

Now, how ought the Muslims to react in the wake of this blatant provocation? Certainly not by killing innocent people. Doing so actually validates the message of that film.
Make your own film showing alternative vision of Islam, appeal to the goodwill and good sense of other Americans and the people of the world, represent to UNO, UNESCO etc. File a case in the international court of justice if admissible.

Doing what they did led more people to watch this film. And the violence earned the disapproval of those that would have ordinarily criticized the film alone. Violence – at least the disorganized and sporadic variety - is completely counter-productive.

For American we have this message: if you say your laws of liberty and freedom of expression prevent you from stopping such a film, Afghanistan’s or Pakistan’s law permits death for blasphemy. Where will this end?

Shouldn’t the national laws must be harmonized in consistence with the demands of international peace?

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