24 September, 2012


Suppose after the US film, the French cartoon, stray articles reportedly insulting Islam, more films, more cartoons, more books and articles are published in various countries across Europe and in the US and Australia. After all, they have a free press and the governments may - if they wish at all - do little to preempt them.

How often will the Muslims protest? How many more Muslims will be killed in these protests? How many countries will they boycott? And after all these protests what will they achieve?

And what about the reaction of the people of those countries towards the Muslims living there? What if they are so much ostracized by their compatriots that they feel forced to return? Will the only precious bridge with the West also not be lost?

Going by the trends the Western world seems to have factored a little violence largely in the Muslim countries as an inevitable outcome, and decided to ignore it. Else, how come these publications came so soon after the infamous Danish cartoons? Notice also that none of these countries has banned their publications, and the violence is already waning.

The lesson? I G N O R E.
Ignore with contempt - or be ignored with contempt.

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