24 September, 2012


“Mat maro, mujhe; dukhta hai. Bahut dukhta hai, mat maro please.” [Don’t beat me, it hurts. It hurts badly, please]. If the three month old baby Ahuti [meaning offering oblations] could say, this must be her first lament.

Yes, you read me right. 3-month old baby girl. That is why Ahuti did not talk. All she did was cry, cry inconsolably, as her bones started crackling under incessant battering for three months.

Why didn’t anyone reach out to her as she was being beaten mercilessly? Normally for such tender human beings it is the mother who rushes to protect them, even at great risk to her life, sometimes actually sacrificing it to protect her offspring.

This baby, Ahuti, however, was not a normal child. She was born to a monster mom. It was her mother who did all this battering. For three whole months, until Ahuti died.
“The baby girl died on Sunday 30th Sep 2012, during treatment after she was admitted by her parents to central Mumbai's civil-run KEM hospital in a critical condition. The hospital's paediatric department found that she had multiple skull fractures, broken ribs and also suffered from internal bleeding” the police said.

"Ahuti's mother Dharmishtha Joshi confessed to have beaten up her baby girl very badly as she was continuously crying. She also claimed that she hit her baby on her ribs and head in a fit of rage" Borivali police station senior inspector Bhagwan Chate said. Although no evidence had yet emerged against her father, Kalpesh Joshi, the police is also investigating his possible involvement.

The police had summoned the parents from Gujarat where they had gone to perform her last rites.

Born through a caesarean section, with a twin sister, she lost her sibling barely 12 days after birth. The police is now investigating if even she was killed.

If this is not Ahuti's image, but I guess all angels look alike.

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