01 September, 2012


1 SEP 2012

"Look, how Muslims are gloating over the Naroda verdict; where was their patriotism and faith in judiciary until recently? Sham patriotism." This could well be how some right wing Indians view the general Muslim approval of the verdict today.

Yes, Sir, you are right, for once, in that people feel happy when they feel justice being given to them. And THIS IS THE WAY to raise patriotism. Let me redefine patriotism "as a measure of investment a nation makes in the well being of its citizens".

Why do most Indians that can get out do get out? What else is this NRI creature, if not the fun, security and comfort seeker? Some of them swap identities, some go underground illegally...but they do. The Sikhs that have produced amongst the ablest soldiers of India go to great lengths and crimes to go to Canada, UK and US, even as cab drivers.

Most humans seek security and comfort and return this with their patriotism, both real and exhibited one. Yes, some, like RSS chaps, Noor Zaheer, me... and so many other TAHZEEBians are lunatic enough to be patriotic despite our grievances. And for very different reasons.

But there is no question that everybody wants a fairer, more just and more equitable India. To that end we march with you.

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