09 October, 2012


It has come to our attention about the brutal attack that the Taliban are said to have made on the 14-yr young girl, Malala Yousafzai, who wrote her diaries in the pen name, Gul Makai.

Her offence? She espoused the cause of girls' education.

The Taliban should choose to come kill me, too, for I loudly proclaim that the education of the Muslim women is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT AGENDA FOR THE COMMUNITY. And I am willing to go a long way in that cause.

Earlier I had mistaken her for killed. And am very glad to learn that she is recovering. If someone can ever reach this message to her please tell her I will love to sponsor her education: law, politics and all she wants to study. She is welcome to India as my adopted daughter.

What brutes must have attacked such a little girl? What fanaticism, what creed must be driving them to such bestiality? If that is Islam, I am certainly not a Muslim.

And is all chivalry dead in Pakistan? Where have all its brave men gone? Why don't the gentlemen stand up and take on these animals?

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