02 November, 2012


Dear Shri. Narendra Modi,

After successfully using Swami Vivekananda, you have now gone extra territorial in your pursuit to have a semblance of validity in your polity. It is not a closed secret that despite all of your gung-ho ism, you are in want of moral undertones of legitimacy. There is no point in questioning the legitimacy of your own rule which was established by vox pipuli. However this legitimacy was severely endangered by you by your skillfully crafted violations of an oath you took a decade ago to safeguard the interests of six crore Gujratis you invoke time and again albeit with ulterior motives.
Your rule had been demarcated by your ruthlessness; your role had been rooted in rampage and ravage in the markers of history. You must understand that social sanctions by the liberals that troubled you for a decade now were not mere pugnacious cries by pseudo secularists but represented a deep hum in the mind and psyche of India. India’s vision cherished and nurtured by the wisdom of commons of this country is in juxtaposition to one that was cultivated by RSS and implemented by you as a commander of and a scarlet pimpernel for the RSS ideology. Let us start by reaffirming that this nation in its majority does not accept, nay abhor, your variety of cultural nationalism. Nevertheless the purpose of this letter is to highlight the hallow nature of your propaganda tactics. This letter could not have been written had you not been gloating over the ‘diplomatic triumph’ when the UK government initiated a step towards Gujrat administration.
You would have recognized, had it not been for your clouded judgment over long term perspectives, that diplomacy is also the art of possible. UK has historically been adept in appealing to some pretty bad people Mr. Modi who could easily be resonating with your inhumane ideology. For example, just after Adolf Hitler signed the Munich Pact on 30 September 1938 with the surrealist Neville Chamberlain and Édouard Daladier, Chamberlain declared his faith in ‘the prelude to a larger settlement in which all Europe may find peace’. He would even advice his citizenry from the doorsteps of the 10 Downing Street to ‘go home and sleep quietly in your beds’ by proclaiming that immortal phrase ‘it is peace for our time!’
How relevant and poetic it is Mr. Modi that your ideal Mr. Hitler wrote a letter in 1931 to a British journalist Sefton Delmer hoping for a "truly cordial relationship" between Britain and Germany just 16 months before he became chancellor and seized power in 1933!

Or should I draw your kind attention to a written testimony by former prime minister Stanley Baldwin in 1936 where he paid tribute to Hitler talking of his "great achievements since taking over that troubled country”. He too Mr. Modi thought that "The German people obviously love him” and "Yes, Herr Hitler is a remarkable man”!
Old habits die hard Mr. Modi especially when they are cherished by the deadly concoction of misplaced faith, erroneous judgment and frenzied adulation with the whip of weird wind blown by egotistical idols. Should I give the preeminent example of British penchant for botched preoccupation with the likes of you Mr. Modi? Here it is. “I have always said that if Great Britain were defeated in war I hoped we should find a Hitler to lead us back to our right¬ful posi¬tion among the nations”. The author of this ‘assessment’ Mr. Modi was none other than Mr. Winston Churchill.
But hold on, there is a cherry. “Germany is now full of hope and confidence, and of a renewed sense of determination to lead its own life without interference from any influence outside its own frontiers. One Man has accomplished this miracle. He is a born leader of men. A magnetic and dynamic personality…”. This was Great Britain’s assessment (David Lloyd George, Prime Minister UK, The Daily Express, 17/9/36) exactly 3 years and 14 days before the same Neville Chamberlain declared war on Germany Mr. Modi!
Hence take all the comfort you would like to take, if history is any criterion to see the traction of reality in to myths Mr. Modi, you would not be able to run away from consequences of 2002 onward pogrom. Have you ever thought about this Mr. Modi, that you have to maintain long scrupulous pause many a times when old and continuing ghosts of your shoddy record in human rights force you to evade? You even don’t look into eyes of the questioner! Do you think that extraterritorial powers will ease or erase the pain you caused, the agony you created, the trust you lost? Do you think that subversion of duty is subservient to calculated praise by those to whom you are not accountable? Do you think that one can escape the moral and legal predicaments by the acceptance of self seeking merchants?
These are rhetorical questions Mr. Modi and yet they ought to be asked. They are rhetorical since you are beyond redemption. They ought to be asked since justice is yet to be done, Macbeth yet to be held accountable, the blood on hands is still wet…


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