12 November, 2012


As with our social values, so with our diplomacy: Hypocrisy foremost. Pragmatism takes precedence over idealism. Or may be that is our idealism.

Aung San Suu Kyi was languishing in jail, house arrest, isolated for decades while "the largest democracy on earth" looked the other way. Now that she seems likely to become the next ruler of Myanmar we have remembered all the virtues of the lady.

We condemn the UN Security Council veto and the monopoly of the powerful nations. But we want a share in it ourselves.

We pursued our own Nuclear ambitions but do not stand up to the US for Iran's right to pursue its. Even the little lip sympathy that we extend may have an eye on the proposed gas pipeline.

I don't know how different we are in this from others. Nor am I sure if we always were so. Nehru's establishment was said to have been more honest and straight. Or was it?

If compromising is the 'virtue' of the weak, then we don't appear to be strong.

Your take on our foreign policy?

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