21 November, 2012


And rightly so. Indeed, long overdue. And his masterminds out there must also eventually deserve this fate, howsoever painful capital punishment be.

But the irony is that the others of his ilk, those who revel in terrorizing others, are hailed a hero. Some demand memorials post mortem, others seek prime ministership too early. And millions agree with them.

That is the irony of life. You terrorize some, kill a few and you are a criminal. You are tried, condemned and hung to death. But if you terrorize an entire community [of minorities, migrants...whatever] and preside over the killing of a few thousand..you are hailed a hero, be elevated to exalted positions and sung and celebrated.. to the extent that those you terrorized come to regard you the messiah if you just stop doing so..

Is this normal? Is this the society you wish to leave for your children? Is this what your faith or the dharma dictated? Is this the heritage your forefathers bequeathed to you?

Most certainly not. Then why keep quiet? Ask for Col Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya and their cohort to be booked, too. Let the Samjhauta Express, Malegam, Mecca

Masjid blasts be probed, too. Ask for Modi and the Thackeray scions to be tried, too.

Let the Godhra-guilty and let the villains identified by Justice Srikrishna Commission be punished, too.

If I were asked to do so, and if I didn't, I would be deemed a minor terrorist, too, for untruthfulness, unfairness is the beginning of these cruelties.

I hope you are different. If you are, share this.

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