07 November, 2012


Soon after the spectrum came the coalgate. Hardly had the Robert Vadra affair sunk in on us that the Nitin Gadkari misdemeanor came on the surface. In between the Reliance gas pricing scandal shook the nation by its sheer size.

While we were yet to hear the last word on these, the Odisha government is allegedly embroiled in a multi-crore iron ore mining scam. If Reliance's scheming did not come as a shock, neither did the Jindal's nor even of the Tata's.

And as these exposes were reaching us the 'exposers' are themselves alleged to have tried to buy peace, influenced media, harboured get-powerful-quick ambitions, by manipulating a simpleton called Anna.

Which one scandal shall we focus? Which party shall we hold to account? Which industrialist shall we boycott?

Who do we look up to?

Are we fast turning into a nation without ideals, idols and icons?

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