16 November, 2012


Who created me? While Darwinians would say, no one, [and that I was evolved over time], there are billions that would name a being called God. And these 'faithfuls' include Indian police officers.

And yet, Pinki who was born 'with defective sex organs' [if that expression is allowed, and if that is any of our business, anyway] has to be held responsible both for her own conduct - and for that of God!

The embarrassment she is undergoing everyday for no fault of hers [with absolutely no intent of crime, as is understood in everyday sense] puts all sensitive humans to shame.

We ask what if we were her? And why not? If creation is someone else's business and if 'not being normal' is everybody else's business, this fate could easily have befallen us.

Our common law, our popular social values and our people by and large are yet to grapple with the reality of evolution.. and its possible permutations and combinations, producing diversity and variety [mistakenly called abnormalcy]. In the process completely innocent people suffer, and suffer hopelessly. I wonder how it must feel to be bi-sexual, homo-sexual, gay, lesbian, impotent, and frigid. These are clearly not sins, but physical infirmities or differences. Yet the burden of God must be born by his victims, for such is the fate ordained by the faithful.


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