21 December, 2012


Three-year-old raped by father, abandoned by mother,  struggles for survival  VIEWS:  All those clamouring for the scalp of the police and the  ministers, for the heinous Delhi gangrape, do they not  even once ask:  From which planet or country do these rapists descend?  What does the society do to boycott them, their families?  [Some of the accused sit in  our legislatures!]  The society that pretends to be so prudish, loves titillation  every bit: 

a. Miss Universe is our most viewed TV show. And which  virtues earn this title? 

b. Every single of our major popular websites [Times,  Express, Hindustan Times,  just to name a few] and their print versions, and specially  supplements, publish the most provocative, almost erotic,  photographs everyday.

Check out if you don't believe and  compare them with the 'Western' BBC, CNN, Guardian,  NYT sites. Now, answer:  Why do these worthies who never tire of sermonizing the  government, publish these? And now try this one:

 WHO VIEW THESE SITES?  -------------  Sex is a reality, a call of nature, and needs to be  addressed to rationally, realistically and honestly.  Let consented sex between adults be liberalized  Let all sexual aggression be mercilessly and swiftly  punished, and  Let society assume responsibility for this essentially social  evil, not strictly a law and order problem.


as this demon ever washed her, held her tender fingers  in his, or clasped her to his chest? I am sure, no.  Encourage this. Let fathers join mothers in tending to their  wards so that they develop emotional bonds. So  daughters become a part of their being. Let our cruel  patriarchal insulation end. 

Meanwhile let us reach out to all these angels, the victims  to their monster papas.  [http://www.ndtv.com/article/cities/three-year-old-raped-byfather-  abandoned-by-mother-struggles-for-survival-  308172?pfrom=home-otherstories] 

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