21 December, 2012


Since no community is above board in this heinous crime, I dread to think what would have been the situation today if the rapists in the Delhi incident, were Muslims [which statistically is a possibility, howsoever dreadful].

The protests would soon have been manipulated to take communal overtones with BJP-Shiv Sena jumping in the fray full-throat, both to beat the Congress and also the Muslim community in one stroke. And even worse, had it happened a day before Gujarat polling, Modi's numbers would easily have exceeded even further.

Should such a disastrous and deplorable incident ever happen, please advise what steps should the government, the sensible Hindus and the sensible Muslims take urgently?

[I am writing this separate post so as not to dilute the focus of the the earlier one, on Rape per se, which deserves greater consideration and on which more solutions need to emerge still.]


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